10 cafes in st-petersburg worth checking out

I have already told you in this post that St-Petersburg changes very fast. The amount of cafes and eateries is rapidly growing and it is hard to distinguish which ones are worth checking out, especially if you only have a couple of days to see St-Petersburg. I though I'd make it easy for you and wrote a list of 10 cafes in St-Petersburg worth checking out. I love them all and always make sure to stop by for a cup of coffee when I'm visiting St-P. For Russian version of this post click here.

Microcoffeshop Tchk (Mira str. 11)


This one is my favorite coffee place in the whole city. Great coffee and baked goods. Located in one of St-Petersburg back yards this tiny place hosts more people than it looks from the first sight. Cozy and inviting. A little extra bonus for visitors is a friendly cat and an old soviet car standing inside the yard. In summer you can sit outside.

Surf Coffee (Gorokhovaya str. 34)


This place is great for everyone who loves sea breeze and riding the waves. Brick walls, hammocks hanging along the walls, friendly service and tasty coffee - vacation mode turns on as soon as you enter the place. There are 3 Surf coffee shops across the city, but the one on Gorokhovaya str. is my favorite.


Verle Garden (Kamennoostrovsky avenue 25)


Green, with good reads laying on display and tasty granola, smoothies and coffee for breakfast this is a great place for long mornings with friends.

Smena Cafe (Baskov pereulok 20)


Simple and stylish scandinavian style caught my attention first. Than I tried the coffee an it was great- guys have coffee supply from the finnish Good Life Coffee. On the weekends tasty breakfast consisting of small dishes variety is served.


Mad Espresso Team (2-Ya Sovetskaya str. 27)


This place is all about coffee (as the name states). Great for having breakfast before you head to Degtyarnyye or Mytninskiye Banya for a spa treatment.

Pan&Cake (Mira str. 7G)


This newcomer in St-Petersburg coffee scene is locate on the ground floor of the Faces Kaleidoskop Hotel. I enjoy the space this place offers and it's breakfast.

Syrnik (Kamennoostrovsky avenue, 47)


This place is also new, so I took my mom and daughter to test it. All three of us were very content with the brekfast - we had eggs benedikt and porridge with blueberies an they were goooood. Stylish interior with nice views over Karpovka river are a pleasant bonus to your visit.

Bolshe Coffee (Alexandrovsky park 3 G)


I like this place more in summer than in winter, but in winter I still come here for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with marshmallows. Great location in an old grotto inside a park makes this cafe very attractive. A perfect coffee stop on your way to see Peter and Paul fortress.

Julia Child Bistro (Grazhdanskaya str. 27/30)


Cozy place with friendly staff. Great for breakfast or lunch. If you are Dostoevsky fan, than you would also appreciate the area where the bistro is located - couple of houses away from Raskolnikov house.

Coffee Ôpetit (Blokhina str. 23)


Cozy cafe with all things french - style, books, deserts. High ceeling and sham fireplace are a bonus.