Instagram tools - 6 apps for making your account look great

When I first downloaded Instagram back in 2013 it was a simple photo sharing app. Filters were used, family members shared their meals and creatives had a chance to show off their works. Nobody cared for likes and follows much and the 'suggested users list' was a reward for producing great content. Years have passed and now in 2018 Instagram developed into a highly competitive world where likes and followers count more than creativity and quality, where everybody hunts for popularity and fame.

I've been following Instagram path for the past 5 years facing ups and downs, algorythm changes and commercialising of the platform. As of today I'm in difficult relationship with Instagram which results in my daily posting activity.

But nevertheless I'm not planning on giving up and still work hard to achieve the best results one can achieve when the competitiveness strikes you from all sides. To keep up the work there are some 'helpers' I use. They take care of my account looking professional and clean. I call them 'my tools' - 6 apps which make my life easier and save me precious time.

I don't posses the powers of being graphic designer, stylist and planner, and if you know what I'm talking about this post is for you. You might also want to check these apps if you are looking for ways to bring your Instgarm to a professional looking level.


This is my everyday friend. I use Desktop version of Lightroom to post process all of my photos.  The app allows you to post process photos, inluding RAW files. If you in a hurry, don't want to carry a laptop around, or maybe you need to post fast and don't have access to your desktop, Lightroom allows you to work on light, saturation, shadows, clarity and all the other settings to give your photo a professional look. New features like selective editing is very helpful too.

This app is a free one, but with limited options. It comes very handy though if you use both app and desktop version (have a paid subscription), since you can syncronise the photos and cross work on them. The same goes for Photoshop CC, Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix apps. 

This is my working animal and I'm not changing it!


This one helps me to plan my Instagram feed. It serves as a creative mood board, where you can play around and figure out the most appealing combination of the way your feed looks like. It is useful when in doubt or undecided. Using UNUM you can always plan your postings in advance  being sure what the audience will see. 

I use UNUM only as a mood board, I don't schedule my posts over it. I actually don't use any third party apps for scheduling posts since rumor has it that it influence Instagram algorithm.


This one is one of my all time favorites. It's irreplaceable for good and stylish fonts. All possible combinations and variations super easy to use and style. I use it all the time if I need to write something on my photos. I use it for all my channels - Pinterest, Twitter, Insta Stories and blog. You have to purchase the app, but it is worth the money.


Another great app for making you feel like a professional graphic designer. You can choose from hundreds of layouts and styles to designs high quality stylish content. I use Canva for Insta Stories. There is also a desktop version which I use for creating spreadsheets for the blog.

On Canva you can create icons for Instagram Stories Highlights.


This is my favorite for Insta Stories. Unfold presents different layouts with white borders, adding style and minimalism to your posts. You might have noticed from my latest Stories that I have been using this app A LOT! You can create separate pages or the whole lots.


First years on Instagram I have been using this app A LOT! It's great for post processing your images, adding the film feeling or moody filters to it. I would say that 70% of all Instagram accounts use VSCO. It's free, easy to use and the filter choice is immense. 

I still use it once in a while, but mostly for Stories when it has to go fast.


I hope you find these apps as helpful as I do. If Instagram let's you down, don't worry - take a deep breath, take a break and keep doing what you love. Remember about real life where noone cares much about likes and follows!


Feel free to share your favorite apps - I'm always in a mood for trying out new things.