through queensland in 14 days - road trip itinerary part 2

Queensland adventures continue. The first part of our Queensland itinerary you will find here Through Queensland in 14 days - road trip itinerary part 1.

day 8 - cape hillsborough to Yeppoon

The longest drive we had during the trip. The road is straight and not so much in going on on this part of A1. 


Distance: 400 km


Things to do:

  • Rockhampton. Everyone is here for the steak experience. Indeed, Australia capital of steak serves great meat. So be sure to arrive hungry. Apart from food Rockhampton is a nice town for a stroll (especially after a good lunch). It has some old art deco buildings worth checking out.


  • Yeppoon. Nice easy going beach destination for those who live in Rockhampton or pass by. On the way from Rockhampton to Yeppoon we saw quite some wild kangaroos and emu's - I'd say the majority of all the animals we saw during the whole road trip.

Food options:

  • The Bush Inn Bar & Grill Steak House  in Rockhampton was our choice for the steak delight. And it was gooood!


  • Two professors in Rockhampton serve great coffee.


Where to stay:

  • Our choice was Kinka Beach Island View Caravan Park and we enjoyed our stay. Lovely area right in front of the Kinka Beach. During our morning walk we saw a sea snake.

day 9 - yeppoon to agnes water

Distance: 265 km


Things to do:

  • Agnes Water. A lovely town which is mostly caters to surfers. One of the best places to learn surfing and to enjoy the surf vibes. There are some surfing schools to choose out of. Lots of young people, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. Next time I will take surf lessons here.


  • Seventeen Seventy. Even more relaxed and laid back than Agnes Water this is more of a settlement with a couple of houses than a town. It's nice for families, since there is a sandy beach area to play with almost no ways. They all stay behind the hill at Agnes Water.


  • LARC! vessels tours in 1770. Those look like space ships, but they move fast over water and sand. Really cool experience.

Where to stay:

  • We stayed at the Workman Beach Camping and it's a very nice location. With clean shady are and lots of birds. There is a beach access and also nice walking trails to follow. The only disadvantage was the amount of bugs which appeared rights after the sun set. No bites, just enormous amount of insects.


  • For families I would recommend the 1770 Camping Ground. Aim for the front row with beach views.

day 10 - agnes water to hervey bay

For this part of the road we didn't go back to A1, but took the Lowmead Rd which turned into Rosedale Rd. It was a beautiful stretch with nice rolling hills.


Distance: 236 km


Things to do:

  • Bundaberg. In Bundaberg we were aiming for the rum factory but ended up in the lemonade one instead. Bundaberg rum is an attraction on it's own and rum factories hold tours (check for the times). But when we arrived we learnt that you will have to pay quite some money for the visit together with tasting, so we decided not to take the tour and went to the Bundaberg Brewed Drinks factory instead. And it was fun. A short free tour and at the end you can shop for your favorite drinks and taste all the products too.


  • Fruit plantations around Bundaberg. There are plenty of sugar cane, mango and avocado plantations in the area, in case you are curious to see how they grow. For guava plantations check Childers.


  • Hervey Bay.  Even though most of the visitor are aiming for the Fraser Island, Hervey Bay is a nice area to chill. There are different areas to choose out of and we stayed in Scarness part of Hervey Bay. If you have time be sure to do a whale watching tour - they are said to be good.


  • Woodgate Beach. There is nothing special about this place except for the hoards of kangaroos and wallabies running around.

Where to stay:

  • Stayed at Scarness Caravan Park. Were lucky to have the first row with direct beach access.

day 11 - fraser island

Unfortunately we didn't visit the Fraser Island. Let me explain why.

Along the road we have been chatting with fellow travelers and sharing experiences. Everyone we met said that they loved Fraser Island but wouldn't recommend visiting it with a small kid.

the island is accessible only for the four-wheel drive vehicles only and is usually visited on half day full day tour basis from Hervey Bay. It is a lot of driving through the island and all roads go on sand making them quite bumpy. We decided that our 2 year old should enjoy a day at the beach instead of humpy rides for the parents delight.


day 12 - hervey bay to noosa

This part of the road was another de-tour from A1. The Maryborough Cooloola Rd is beautiful, but at some point we missed a turn and ended up on a gravel road, which was ok at the end.


Distance: 200 km


Things to do: 

  • Noosa. Noosa is wonderful. Full of narrow canals, beautiful villas, hip cafes, surfing beaches and great National Park it was the place where we said we want to return. Noosa consists of 3 different areas with Noosa Heads and Noosaville being the top attractions.

  • Noosa National Park. A beautiful national reserve full of gum trees, gorgeous coastal views, beautiful beaches and tracking possibilities. It also houses a colony of koalsa (check at the info point at the entrance, they have a bill board where the last koala spotting are noticed). There are several trails for people with different wishes and abilities. We took Number 4 and went all the way the Hells Gate and were lucky to spot a whale playing in the waters underneath. Right before Hells Gate there are natural fairy pools which are so good for swimming.

  • Noosaville is great for dining out and for shopping. Plenty of hip cafes and leisure people - vacation atmosphere is all over the place.


  • Big Pelican and Big Shell. If you want to have a photo with a huge pelican or a shell, than you should check these out. They are insanely big and ridiculous and so 80s.

Where to stay:

  • We stayed at the Noosa Caravan Park and it was good.

  • If you want to stay right in the center than go for the Noosa River Holiday Park. But book in advance, it's very popular.


  • parking spaces next to Noosa National Park are scarce. But if you drive 5 min into Noosa Woods there are more than enough parking spaces. 

  • don't forget to take you swimming suit when visiting Noosa Natoinal Park - you might want to go for a swim.


  • At the Noosa Tourist Office grab a guide to Noosa to learn about latest happenings and events.


day 13 and 14 -noosa to brisbane

The least spectacular stretch of the A1  - the last km before Brisbane are busy and noisy as opposite to the slow and narrow road we started in Cairns.


Distance: 142 km


Things to do:

  • Brisbane. Brisbane is worth staying a day or two, or even longer. 

Safe travels!