travel diary: whitehaven beach at whitsunday islands

Whitsunday Islands is a very popular destination for visitors mainly because of the Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach. It is popular for a reason - if you google the photos you will see that the area looks like a paradise on Earth - turquoise waters and white sand with juicy green islands in between. 

But the area is often frequented by cyclones, the last one, Debbie, taking place in spring 2017. It had a severe impact on the Whitsunday islands and the Great Barrier Reef and wiped away vast areas destroying some of the islands infrustructure and flora. 

During our visit of the Whitehaven Beach in October 2017 we found the area distroyed and marvelous at the same time, with almost no greenery left, but torn down trees instead. One could feel the power of nature working hard here.



  • Even though Whitehaven beach is a dream, there is almost no shade. Keep this in mind especially if you are traveling with kids. Be sure to pack enough sunscreen and clothes to protect your skin.

How to get to Whitehaven Beach:

  • There are several ways of getting to the Whitehaven beach - by plane, by private boat, by sailing boat or on a tour. We took a half-day tour with Cruise Whitsundays are were satisfied with the service. Since our 2 year old daughter was with us it was more than enough, especially in terms of limited shade.
  • If you go with Cruise Whitsunday they provide you with a stinger suit, which is convinient hence you don't need to bring your own one.