when and where - monthly travel calendar

Are you planning your next trip and not sure what destination to choose? Want to skip crowds when island hopping in Thailand or avoid school break season in Southern Europe? Or you can only take your vacation in February but want to enjoy the sun and the beach (Northern Hemisphere talking here)?


Rainy seasons, cyclones, cold water temperatures or unbearable heat should not ruin your plans. So it's always good to be prepared in advance and adjust your vacation plans respectively.

For those of you who don't want to miss on sakura blossom in Japan, northern lights spotting or lupine season in New Zealand I created this month by month travel calender with an idea to help plan your travels. 


In January many Europeans try to escape winter and head to destinations offering sun and warmth. Southern Hemisphere is a good choise - Australia is very inviting in January. Check out my posts about Australia here.

Thailand, especially it's south-western part is in peak season in January.  

Arabian countries  like Oman, Qatar and Emirates are a great choice - warm temperatures about 25°C, without crazy summer heat in sight. 

Carribean is also great if you fancy not only warm outside temperatures, but want to enjoy a swim. 


Not recommendable: Northern Germany - too grey and rainy, with limited day light hours.


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For those of you who love real winter Lapland is a perfect choice. Freezing cold wonderfland with northern lights, reindeers and tons of snow. Switzerland and Austria are great for winter activitiy sports.

If you are aiming for warmer temperatures head to Southern Brazil. February in Brazil is busy with holiday seekers, so better arrange everything in advance. And don't forget that the Carnival season is at it's peak not only in Brazil and Venice, but in Portugal and Germany too. 


Canary Islands are great throughout the winter time. As are Morocco and Costa Rica

Chinese New Year could be also of interest, and it usually comes somewhere between January and February according to the Lunar calendar.


Not recommendable: Malaysian east coast is hit by monsoons in February.



Phillipines are beautiful in march. Still not too hot and one month away from the wet season, Palawan island is a dream come true. 

Iceland is low season in March making traveling there more affordable but no less exciting. New Zealand is at it's Fall months in March and is gorgeous as well as warm with less tourists. 

March is also a good month for watching manta rays at Maldives.

Namibia is beautiful in March, because it receives some rain, but for animals watching choose dry season. We still had our big portion of wildlife in March though!

Holi festival takes place in India in March and it is also good time for a visit in weather terms. 


Not recommendable: Russia in March is very unpleasant - cold and grey and with no spring in sight.


Spring comes to Europe in April. Netherlands is perfect for the tulips and hyacinth blossoming season. Paris has a romantic feel about it in Spring.

Sakura blossom season is at it's peak in Taiwan and Japan.

For warmth and sunshine Cuba is one of the top locations in April as well as it's neighbour Florida

Lissabon is getting ready for the tourists waves, but is still relaxed and pleasantly warm in April.


Not recommendable: Mexico, especially Canun is a favorite destination for US spring break school kids.


Cyprus and Turkey are great in May. With a bit of luck you can even start your swimming season there. Andalusia is wonderful during this time of the year - no heat and blooms add it's charm to the region. Sevilla and Granada are not to miss in May. 

Provence is gorgeous in May - still no tourists who come for lavender everything, but instead all the space to yourself and poppy fields in the Luberon region. Tuscany is another great choice.

For those interested in Eastern Europe - Serbia and Romania are wonderful during this time of the year. 

Cape Verde will guarantee you sun and swimming possibilities and Algarve coast in Portugal is still in low season but not in terms of amazing weather. 


Not recommendable: May holidays are usually a very busy time for European travelers, so Mallorca will be quite overpackaed.


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In June white nights season starts in the northern European cities - St.Petersburg is great during this time as are the Scandinavian capitals like Copenhagen or Stockholm..

In Amazon region dry season starts and it's the best time for a visit. 

London is also lovely in June - life is being moved  to the outside into the parks, cafes and beer gardens.

Adriatic Coast is beautiful in the easrly summer - not too hot and best for sailing the Adriatic sea.


Not recommendable: Carribean hurricane season starts in June - be sure to make your plans accordingly.


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July is an easy month for making a choice - all Mediterranean countries are facing the high season. If you are looking for more exotic experiences (than thousands of towels spread from Greece to Italy) African countries like Kenya or Tanzania are great in July for wildlife watching - dry season gathers all the animals around water spits and you can literally position you next to the water - they will all come to you.


Not recommendable: New York City is dreadful during the months of July and August. Unbearable heat and humidity are not inviting. Madrid is also a bad choice in July - too hot and most of the locals are on vacation. 


August is a perfect month for visiting northern territories - Northern Europe as at it's best. Sweeden , Finland, Northern German islands.

Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are very inviting in August, especially the seaside.

Northern Norway offers great wandering and outdoor possibilities - being hard to reach in winter in August you will find it still cool, but very beautiful.


Not recommendable: South East Asia is at it's rainy season in August which might spoil your plans.


September is another beautiful month for traveling - shoulder season and the end of school holidays guarantees you space and good prices. Mallorca is particularly beautiful in September.


New York is great in September as well, especially around the Labor day. America's National parks such as Yosemite and Yellowstone are colorful and warm in September. As are the Canadian Rockies.


Not recommendable: Costa Rica is still in the rainy season up until November.


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Greek Islands are closing for the winter season and there are almost no tourists in sight, but they still have warm water and air temperatures. Rhodes is great in October.

Hawaii are also a perfect choice - rainfalls are rare and the temperatures are pleasant.

French Polynesia islands are a good choice for sun, beach and island hopping vacation.

Australian Queensland is in Spring mode with pleasant outside temperatures for a road trip. Mongolia is quiet during October, with high season tourists gone, but with fine temperatures and cheaper prices.


Not recommendable: Wet or as locals say 'winter' season is in Colombia in October, so it's better to save your travel plans for the dry season instead.


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California is charming in November - light jackets weather, but still warm and sunny.

If you love trekking, than head to Nepal - November is the best month for exploring Himalayas. Argentina is beautiful in November - Spring time in the Southern Hemisphere does it's job. 

Turkmenistan offers pleasant fall weather in November. As does Uzbekistan. 


Not recommendable:  Sri Lanka's east coast is hit by the  northeast monsoon in November making it hard to travel in the area. 


Seychelles are especially wonderful in the beginning of december before the start of the high season during Christmas time.

New Zealand is welcoming summer and has great temperatures for travelers as well as lupin blossoming season, when huge parts of the South Island turn into blossoming carpets.

Burma is not extremely hot in December since the high season just starts. 

European Christmas markets are always welcoming tourists from all over the World - the prettiests being in Alsace region of France.



Not recommendable: Christmas holiday season starts and continues to the middle of January, so be sure to book all activities and tickets in advance. Canary Islands could be very packed during this time of the year.


As always safe travels!!